Om Indian Bazaar / Imperial Paan

710 Front Rd, Kingston, ON K7M 4L5

Om Indian Bazaar

Welcome To Om Indian Bazaar

Om Indian Bazaar provides the consumers with a true-to-taste and credible Indian food products.  The Om Indian Bazaar represents authentic flavour from the East.  Our cultural mission drives us to deliver real, high-quality products to you at a price you’d be happy to pay.

Om Indian Bazaar strives to bring a little India into the heart of Canada. The Om Indian Bazaar Supermarket brings you a diverse range of traditional and authentic Indian food. Aromatic, all-natural Indian spices to wholesome lentils, dals and rice–we have everything to enable even the most adventurous cooks. We at Om Indian Bazaar always make sure to have everything you need to bring authentic flavours to your dinner table! Our high-quality products come at low prices!

Om Indian Bazaar Supermarket offers genuine and credible Indian products. The range of products boasts the flavours and foods found in the Indian sub-continent with a wide range of everyday groceries, including dry goods, frozen items and fresh produce.